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The traditional Twelve Days of Christmas were a way of interpreting the turning of the year, a way of proclaiming that the coming of Christ opens the gate that separates time from eternity.

During Advent, we do the customary baking and decorating, but we really don't begin the eating of the goodies or the celebrating of the season, until Christmas. During the Twelve Days we allow ourselves to indulge in all the cookies, cakes, and cereal mixes we can consume!

From now until Epiphany we march the Magi (the three Wise Men) from room to room in search of their heart's desire, until they, too, reach the end of their journey. We think of these men as dreamers - they dreamed that the world could be a better place and risked everything by following their dream.

We have very small, little, inexpensive gifts for each member of the family on each of the twelve days. We keep our eyes open for these presents all year long!

Another tradition of ours is to select a Christmas card to read aloud at the dinner table each evening. We then share memories of the folks who sent the card and say a prayer for them. We continue reading one card each evening until all the cards have been read. It's a nice way to prolong the spirit of Christmas for awhile.

Happy Holidays and Peace Be With You!

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